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The appearance of the traditional biting fly trap, with its large white tent,
is not very aesthetic in a beautifully landscaped garden,
near a swimming pool or the terrace of a hotel or restaurant.

That is why we have developed decorated horsefly traps.
After two years of testing, their official launch finally took place in 2018.
We have chosen certain images that have no negative impact on the effectiveness of the trap.This trap has been developed for places where aesthetics are as important as the effectiveness of the horsefly trap.
This “top of the top” trap is obviously equipped with the patented quick cleaning system “RapidClean-AirFlux®” .The horsefly trap is an effective way that has been proven in the reduction of nuisance created by horseflies from late March until the end of October.
By its design, this “Mondrian” horsefly trap is unique in the world.Give us a few days extra to make the perfect design trap for you…

In order to keep the cost for shipping the trap low, there is no tripod mounting frame included .
I will provide you with detailed instructions how to “build” one yourself.
Everyone can do it, and at a very low cost of less than $ 7 – 10 !

You can see an example of a wooden tripod at the TITAN traps.


Product Description

Information about the trap

The Trap’emAll traps have proven its efficiency and quality for years.
Each horsefly trap reduces the number of horseflies by 95% in the direct environment.
The “Mondrian” trap has the same dimensions as the “Pro” traps | 2.5 acres

Areas of application of the “Mondrian” trap:

  • Near a swimming pool
  • Terrace (Private or Restaurant)
  • Sports Field / Game
  • Golf course

I will be happy to help you using Google Earth to determine the optimal location.


Important !

  • Don’t hang the horsefly trap from a branche of a tree, a trunk, a roof and never ever inside a stable/box.
  • Place the trap always in direct sunlight !
  • Only in direct sunlight the horseflyrap will be functioning 100% !
    There is no horsefly trap in the market that will function in the shade.
    Above all, it is necessary that the black ball is heated by the sun.
    On or under a shelter, under a tree and certainly inside are cooler places and the trap will not function.
  • Remember it is a competing luring device…. not a horsefly Magnet.

Advice for around horses

For the protection of horses, I urgently advice you to use the trap “PRO” Premium as main trap.
The ratio between the dimensions of a horse and the size of the black ball of a PRO trap are optimal.

The Trap’emAll horsefly traps are tested and recommended by equestrian professionals around the globe.


Specifications of the trap “PRO”

This pack contains :
1x “RapidClean – AirFlux®-system Plastic ring
Collecting bowl
1 catching tent Mondrian Design Diameter of about 106 cm
1 Black Balls +
a strap to hang it
Diameter of about 65 cm
Glass fiber rods 4 x to make a solid ring at the base of the white tent
S-Hook 4 x
Pump 1 x per order
Instructions – In English
– Instructions to make a tripod yourself
Weight 1,9 kg / 4 pounds
Warenty 3 years

All the parts of the trap

®© 2012 – 2021 The concept of a horsefly trap in this form with a netting capture tent (and other “specific” materials) is protected by the patent and protected model / design rights.

© ® TM 2012 – 2021
All intellectual property rights reserved.
Including patent rights, trademark, models, design and copyrights.



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