Some pictures of the horse fly trap.

From time to time I count the capture of the day.
I also take pictures of the capture.
Do not hesitate to contact me, preferably by email, if you have any questions.
With great pleasure I will answer your questions.

“The horsefly huntress”

The ‘title’ given to me by a known french equestrian magazine

Result of a day during the season
– 179 horseflies
– 71 Black Flies
– 19 different
(Never bees!)

A few minutes after placement

Here the horsefly trap is placed
between a stream (right)
and a wooded area (left).

Our mares are used to the trap.
They do not touch him
and graze peacefully
around the trap.

Horseflies caught in a horsefly trap
the season April – October 2016.
Too much to count one by one!
So I weighed them…
There were about 35,000 horseflies
in a jar of 1.5 gallons.
Over a period of 7 months,
this represented an average
160 horseflies caught per day.Last winter, I made balls of fat
for birds with captured horseflies
and vegetable fat for frying (not used).

100% recyclable and organic!

One of our “test gardens”.
On the left, the largest horsefly trap tested.
With its white tent with a diameter of almost 2 meters,
and a black ball with a diameter of 130 cm is a real giant.
The results of the capture:
The giant trap is not more effective than the PRO trap, with its 65 cm black ball.

The far right, the smallest horsefly trap we tested.
With its black ball with a diameter of 25 cm, it is a real MINI trap.
But unfortunately, no horsefly has been caught. Just a few flies and nothing else.

It is obvious that the little black ball is not an interesting prey for the horsefly.
We have determined that a black ball with a diameter of 35 cm is the smallest interesting prey for the horsefly.
That’s why so called Mini traps on the market are not effective and receive only 1 star at most reseller sites.



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